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PERES (2018-2019)

“Promoting European Railway Excellence outSide EU” was conducted under European Union’s COSME programme. The project has analyzed over 250 small- and medium-sized companies in the railway industry from 10 European countries, seeking to create pan-European supply value chains,  locate potential solutions that can be successfully implemented in non-European markets, and identify the issues, the desired target countries and the type of support that European SMEs need in order to successfully offer their products and services on non-European markets.

SEE Mobility (2019-ongoing)

SEE Mobility is an international fair of transport technologies and services, only of its kind in the Western Balkans region. The event, held biannually, has grown to be the meeting point of the mobility industry, gathering regional suppliers and operators, and providing a platform for industry meetings and introduction of new technologies, skills and strategies.

UNECE – Regulatory and Procedural Barriers to Trade in Serbia (2021)

BSN supported UNECE secretariat by conducting field interviews for the study that was carried out pursuant to the Government of Serbia’s request to support ongoing efforts to increase the trade sector’s contribution to development and the implementation of the 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs).

SMART2M (2021-2023)

SMART2M project focused on innovation and entrepreneurial capacity building in higher education institutions. Its goal was to empower innovators and entrepreneurs to develop world-class solutions to Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing challenges and create growth and skilled jobs. Its objectives were realised by promoting and supporting institutional change in HEIs and by strengthening the integration and contribution of HEIs to innovation ecosystems, through the EIT knowledge triangle model: interaction between business, education and innovation.

DEEPTECH-2M (2023-2024)

The DEEPTECH-2M Project aims to build up HEIs’ capacity to foster deep tech talent in order to respond to the identified importance of deep tech talent development for the future of innovation and security in Europe. Deep tech innovation ecosystem was established and supported in four key areas: advanced materials and manufacturing, AI and ML, biotechnology and sustainable green energy and clean technologies.

STARS (2021-2023)

“STrategic Alliances boosting Railway Smes” project aimed to represent a booster in terms of production performances and innovation capabilities for these SMEs thanks to the uptake of Advanced Technologies that can make such change possible. It helped SMEs focusing in supporting the organisational/cultural change based on innovative model, supporting  a better understanding of investment aspects and return-on-investments (ROI) related to the adoption of Advanced Technologies, training and assistance on funding opportunities for investments, and support for upskilling and reskilling.

S-ACCESS (2021-ongoing)

“SMEs ACCESS to international public procurements” project aims to identify SME needs and barriers and improve railway sector SME capacity for participating in public procurements in three markets outside of EU – USA, Canada and Norway.

LEADER 2030 (2023-ongoing)

LEADER 2030 project (acronym of “Learnings for European Autonomy to Deliver Europe’s Rail in 2030”) is funded under the Europe’s Rail JU programme, call “European value chains for rail supply” (Horizon-ER-JU-2022-ExpIR-06). The ultimate goal of the project is in fact to assess and increase the European Rail Supply Industry capacity to deliver the European vision of a radically transformed railway system in 2030, and thanks to this, to remain global leader.