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Belgrade, 23/01/2024

Smart and Clean Technologies for Logistics/Mobility Industry

In partnership of Railway Cluster of Southeast Europe, National Association “Transport and Logistics”, European Association of Railway Clusters ERCI and Southeast Europe Railway Research and Innovation Network SEERRIN, on 24 of April 2024 in Belgrade will be hosted an international conference “Smart and Clean Technologies for Logistics/Mobility Industry”

At the conference guest lecturers from leading European technological centers and innovative companies from Belgium, United Kingdom and Italy will present newest technologies and solutions for railway cargo transport, intermodal terminals and sea/river/dry ports developed in the past three years for large European (Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands) and British operators of cargo transport and logistic companies. Most of these solutions are entirely new to our region and only small segments have been practically implemented. Also, technology for application of green solutions in railway cargo transport is further perfected and the regional companies will be presented detailed costs of exploitation and comparative advantages of these technologies complying with ESG standards.

In this way organizers aim to introduce regional logistics/mobility companies to the cutting-edge solutions in European market and connect them with potential partners that can significantly contribute to increase in efficiency and operability in everyday operations, as well as preparation and implementation of ESG standards.

More details on the conference can be found in the agenda.

Applications for participation in the conference can be sent at