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Ljubljana, Slovenia, 05/07/2022

Challenges and opportunities for railway companies and suppliers in the post-COVID period

Large meeting of railway companies and suppliers of Southeast Europe was held in Ljubljana on June 30, named „Challenges and opportunities for railway companies and suppliers in the post-COVID period”, by the Railway Cluster of Southeast Europe (RCSEE) and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GSZ), with the participation of partners from European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI) and Czech railway media Railtarget as media partner.

Delegation of railway industry from Serbia and Croatia arrived to Slovenia in organization of RCSEE. During the visit, delegation had an opportunity to meet with Slovenian quality control company Q Techna from Krsko. One of the hosts was also a Slovenian company Elpa from Veljenje, that presented their solutions for noise and tear reduction on railway infrastructure, and led companies to see their systems installed on Slovenian railways.

Central event was a conference in Ljubljana, that attracted a large number of Slovenian companies. Andreja Mulec Bohinc from SPIRIT Slovenia presented Slovenian economy and advantages of Slovenia as a business location. Franc Klobučar from SŽ infrastructure presented ongoing and future projects and investments on Slovenian railway network. Veronica Elena Bocci from Italian railway cluster DITECFER, ERCI partner, presented ongoing European projects that this railway cluster association is conducting and opportunities for development of SMEs through them. Alexander Burrows from Birmingham Center for Railway Research and Innovation presented research projects of his organization as well as the initiative for formation of railway research network in Southeast Europe – SEERRIN. Conference ended with presentation of solutions from Elpa company, Aleksandar Đokić from MIND Industries Group, Kragujevac, presented capacities and future development of this largest railway industrial park in SEE region, while Marko Radovic presented RCSEE internationalization activities for regional railway suppliers.

Companies interested in participation and information on EU-funded projects STARS and S-ACCESS were asked to take part in surveys these project use for gathering of information on European SMEs: