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Belgrade, Serbia, 20/01/2022

Access to the markets of Norway, Canada and United States – Survey

RCSEE, together with 6 other European railway Clusters participates in the S-ACCESS project (financed by the COSME program of the EU) with a specific goal for broader support to the European SME’s in internationalization efforts for approaching the markets of Norway, Canada and the United States.

More details about the content of the S-ACCESS project and particular support that this project will develop in the next two years are available on the project color banner given below.

We kindly ask you, if you find the interest in accessing the three listed markets, to fulfill the Survey using the link:

We need to hear you! Max 7 minutes are necessary!

As partner of the EU project “S-ACCESS” (SME’s ACCESS to international public procurements in railway), we need to understand your international experience and needs in order to finetune our joint assistance to you – as Railway SME – for bidding activities.

As a result of this Survey, you will be able to participate in the S-ACCESS project activities supporting your internationalisation.

The S-ACCESS project aims to develop tools to help SMEs of the Rail Supply Industry participate in Public Procurements in USA, Canada and Norway.