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BSN Membership

BSN Member List

Membership in Business Support Network is open to individuals, residential and foreign-owned companies, business associations, social organizations, cultural and sport associations and local self-governments. In short: all those seeking to expand their network of contacts in Serbia and abroad. The Network serves as an integrative factor, which makes membership fees secondary, and the concrete support in the expansion of contacts.

Membership benefits (TOP 5):

– 20% discount on all our services;
– Intensive lobbying with governmental and other institutions for resolving key issues of our members;
– Priority invitations and 20% discount on attendance fees for all annual events organized by BSN;
– Possibility for networking with all BSN members, as well as members of other residential and foreign business associations cooperating with us
– Free issue of all our current and future publications

Membership fees from January 1st, 2019:

  • I Membership for individuals: 62,50 EUR
  • II Membership for micro and small companies (up to 50 employees): 187,50 EUR
  • III Membership for medium-sized companies (51 to 100 employees): 250,00 EUR
  • IV Membership for medium-sized and large companies (101 to 400): 375,00 EUR
  • V Membership for large companies (over 400 employees): 625,00 EUR
  • VI PREMIUM Membership: 1.000,00 EUR
  • VI Membership for educational institutions: 100,00 EUR
  • VII Membership for institutes and organizations with over 100 employees: 300,00 EUR
  • VIII Membership for municipalities and other associations: 300,00 EUR
  • IX PREMIUM Membership: 1.000,00 EUR

Note: Serbian residents pay membership fees in RSD, and without VAT.

PREMIUM Membership benefits:

Free banner on BSN homepage and the website of business e-magazine "SEE Perspective". Free annual half-page commercial in every issue of "SEE Perspective" magazne (DIN-A4), as well as company logo on all associaton's events (roundtables, conferences, members meetings) and annual publications.