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Belgrade, 01/04/2020

Useful Information for BSN Members During COVID-19 Pandemics

From the moment of pandemics of coronavirus outbreak and crisis measures taken in a number of countries both in Europe and throughout the world, everyday business activities of BSN members has seen a number of changes and is facing severe barriers.

In the new conditions, when it is difficult to sign, realize and bill the contracts in local and foreign markets, and when most meetings are done online, BSN member companies find it is most important to keep communication working, retain a minimum of functional activities and income and prepare for post-crisis period.

For that purpose, BSn team recommends its members, partner business associations and other companies to follow portal where they can find new information on all activities conducted by the EU and other countries in the field of industry, transport and other activities of industrial clusters and organizations. Some of these informations can be very useful for business during the pandemics and it is important for BSN members to familiarize with them.