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Belgrade, Serbia, 15/07/2019

Strengthening of Regional Business Cooperation – Croatian Business Club Becomes a new BSN Member

Croatian business club became a new active collective member of BSN, which will open significant possibilities for further networking of Croatian and Serbian companies and strengthening of business connections in the SEE region in the future.

Cooperation between Serbian and Croatian companies is in full swing after 2015 and founding of Railway Cluster for Southeastern Europe, an integral part of BSN, but with the entry of Croatian business club into BSN new possibilities are opening for the direct networking of Serbian and Croatian SMEs, as well as for the increased participation of large Croatian companis in BSN activities.

As seen in the example of bilateral business cooperation between Bavaria and Serbia, cooperation with Croatia also has great perspective, especially since in the last years Croatian market is more and more open for placement of quality industrial products from Serbia, as shown by the placement of products and services in Croatia by several RCSEE members.