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Belgrade, 11/10/2016

Public Debate “Is There an End to the Burdens on the Economy?” to be Held on 18th

Business Support Network (BSN) invites all businessmen to the public debate that is to be held on 18th of October, beginning at 11am in the premises of Journalists’ Association of Serbia (UNS), Knez Mihajlova street 6/III.

Debate will present on one hand the burdens on the economy by the renowned businessmen from different sectors, while on the other the representatives of political parties will listen to the problems the businessmen face in everyday work. These issues have been stubbornly ignored by the political establishment, which promises mostly cosmetic changes, while the essential problems slowly but surely undermine the country’s economy.

We remind that the government had begun a reform of parafiscal charges back in 2012, and has since stopped. It has also implemented changes to the Law on Bankruptcy, Labour Law, Law on Planning and Construction, and started with a number of other legislation, but the practice has shown that the business sector was not unburdened through it.

The people from real economy will try to answer why is that the case. Due to that, BSN invites the businessmen to attend, in order to make their voices heard.

In order to attend the debate, interested parties should apply until Thursday, 13th of October, via e-mail