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Belgrade, 02/02/2015

First meeting of BSN members and friends


What was the one thing in common for over 60 people, and what connects directors and company managers, media representatives, a musician of a cult YU-rock band „S Vremena na Vreme“, mayor of Subotica, a magician, German consultants and representatives of international and domestic institutions? They were all in hotel Prag in Belgrade, attending the first meeting of members and friends of the Business Support Network.

Behind the scenes, the Network took a lot of risks. We wanted to do this meeting in a new, more modern way, and set new standards, as in everything we’ve done so far. Therefore, we avoided long speeches and wasting time on praising ourselves. The results of four moths of activity and plans for the next period were shown in a short five-minute video, after which whole time was dedicated to the guests and good atmosphere. We did something different from the others. Did we go wrong?

It didn’t seem that way while a famous musician and composer and a legend of YU-rock scene Ljuba Ninković played his tunes. Neither did it seem that way when the Network decided to assist the representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the Serbian central bank and offer the solution for the end of the crisis which has been plaguing the financial system of this country for years. We decided that we have tried everything and nothing worked – the only thing left was to turn to magic. That is why a magician Igor Trifunov showed the guests the ways in which the financial position of Serbia could be improved.

Finally, we hope that we have provided all who attended with a useful, and above all entertaining evening. The next opportunity will happen in March, when BSN is going to prepare a new meeting of its members. Until then, we invite you to use the opportunities to improve your business through following and participating in BSN’s activities, be informed and read SEE Perspective, and, of course, keep your sprits up and keep up improving!


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