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Belgrade, 26/04/2016

Agenda Published for 2016 Wages in Southeast Europe Conference

Second regional Conference on wages, intended for HR managers and experts, organized by BSN, Belgrade Banking Academy and Institute of Economic Sciences, and with the support of the ILO, will be held in Belgrade, on May 26 and 27. 

This year the conference again hosts a number of panelists from scinence institutions and companies from the whole region. The participants will have an opportunity to get introduced to the new trends in wages in Southeast Europe region, and exchange the experiences in creating the systems for determining the wages and bonuses, linking them to the productivity, in three panels held during two days. More details on the past conference can be found at the separate website

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acrobat-icon 2016 Wages in Southeast Europe Conference – Agenda
MS_word_DOC_icon.svg_-300x293 2016 Wages in Southeast Europe Conference – Application Form