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Belgrade, 24/08/2015

New directors of Serbian railway system

Government of the Republic of Serbia named directors of three new companies, made by separation of functions of Serbian Railways.

For the Director General of company for management of railway infrastructure, “Infrastruktura železnice Srbije” the Government has named Goran Maksić, who has up to recently been the director of Infrastructure Sector of Serbian Railways. Milan Šegan and Dušan Garibović were named for Executive Directors of the company.

In the company for railway transport of goods, “Srbija Kargo” Miroljub Jevtić was named Director General and Zvezdan Pavićević and Radoljub Gemaljević for Executive Directors. Miroljub Jeftić was previously known as a deputy to the Director General of Serbian Railways Milanko Šarančića as well as the Director General of the “Kirilo Savić” Institute, and came to this position as an advisor to the Minister of transport and infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlović.

Jugoslav Jović was named for the Director General of company for railway passenger transport “Srbija voz”, while Vesna Brajović and Vesna Radosavljević were named Executive Directors. Jović was previously a deputy director of the goods transport sector in Serbian railways.

In “Serbian Railways” holding company the Miroslav Stojčić remains Director General.