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Belgrade, Serbia, 16/01/2018

EU Support to RCSEE and its Members

BSN, through Railway Cluster for South-East Europe, together with several other partner organisations from EU Member States, has received support from the European Commission for realization of “Promoting European Rail Excellence Outside EU” (PERES) project.

PERES project aims to network companies from partner Clusters and promote their partnership and cooperation, as well as providing them concrete support for entry into non-European markets.

70 percent of the funds for implementation of the project will be provided by the European Commission, while the remaining 30% will be secured by the Cluster (through effort and contribution of the Cluster Team, symbolic participation fees and partial coverage of travel costs).

RCSEE partners in this project are:

  1. DITECFER (, Tuscany, Italy
  2. I-TRANS (, France
  3. BTS Bahntechnik Sachsen (, Saxony, Germany

Most important activities in the project will be meetings of Cluster representatives aiming at creating quality mechanisms for their networking. One of these meetings will be held for all companies from South-Eastern Europe in Belgrade, in autumn 2018 or beginning of 2019. We will have an opportunity to host representatives of most important European Clusters and European Commission for railways, and to create contacts with their member companies. It will be another excellent opportunity for creating contacts and business networking.

One of the key activities included in the project will be the meeting of all interested cluster members from all five participating Clusters, to be held in Belgrade in second half of 2018 or early 2019. We feel that this event will be an excellent opportunity to meet and network with a number of SMEs from EU, and make potential partnerships for future business ventures.

Also, ultimate goal of PERES project is to enable certain members of our Cluster an opportunity to partner up with companies members of other European partner organizations and jointly present themselves on a large, non-European market that will be selected.

We will continue to inform you on all developments concerning PERES in the upcoming months.