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Belgrade, 04/04/2016

BSN and PISK Held a Free Workshop on REFA Methodology

BSN and Slovenian agency PISK from Maribor held a free workshop for 32 participants on rationalization of production and organization of production processes according to the German REFA methodology.

At the workshop held at the premises of Association of Accountants and Auditors of Serbia in Belgrade, representatives of Slovenian agency PISK from Maribor presented the German methodology of analysis and optimization of production processes REFA, which has been in use in the region for some time, in foreign-owned companies as well as in certain large regional companies.

Attendants had an opportunity to become introduced with the business culture fostered by the REFA methodology, centered around the acceptance of innovations and open problem-solving, and ways in which it is implemented and developed in companies. Also, they were presented with the techniques used to measure output, determine norm and optimize the production with the goal of achieving savings in the process.

Representatives of PISK have expressed a readiness to offer their services to interested companies, either through an in-house training or through the trainings for the representatives of small- and medium-sized enterprises that do not possess the capacity for full in-house training. Interested companies may apply to Business Support Network through e-mail