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Belgrade, 21/09/2015

Autumn Fairs in Germany – a Chance for Networking

In the autumn period, Business Support Network (BSN) will actively work on finding business partners for domestic companies in the German-speaking countries. From the end of September, up to and including December Christmas holidays representatives of the BSN team will visit numerous trade fairs in the cities throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The objective of these visits is the promotion of products and services of companies from Serbia and the West Balkans region and establishment of business contacts that are supposed to help in finding new foreign clients. Among the fairs to be visited are large fairs in metal and construction industry, IT industry and food and drinks industry.

In these activities BSN will rely not only on the experience of the members of its team who have a knowledge of this 97 million people market, but also on the professional knowledge and experience of Serbian diaspora who are themselves entrepreneurs or managers of respected German, Austrian and Swiss companies. They too will visit fairs and present products and services of domestic companies.

The goal of these activities is to gradually improve the image of Serbia and its economy on the leading European markets, and show that, despite the difficulties, there are companies capable of providing products capable of satisfying the quality and continuity of the most demanding markets.

If Your company is considering the possibility of presenting itself to the potential partners in Germany, we might be able to help. The contact mail for basic information is