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Belgrade, Serbia, 15/09/2019

Autumn 2019: Focus on Networking

Business Support Network began a number of planned autumn activities with a meeting in Zagreb, on 3rd September on which a sub-section of BSN – Railway Cluster for South-East Europe, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences (host) and Altpro Company, in cooperation with German companies ERC GmbH and AEbt organized a presentation of current EU railway standards.

More details about the meeting can be found at

During September and October, BSN representatives will attend a number of meetings and events in United Kingdom (University of Birmingham, Rail Alliance Decarbonisation event and others), networking with Polish, German and other partners on TRAKO 2019 fair in Gdansk, and participation at Expo Ferroviaria 2019 in Milan.

These activities were largely assisted by the approval of membership of RCSEE in European Railway Cluster Association, ERCI. This was a major step in networking companies from our region with other clusters and partners from the EU countries.

November will see first joint exhibition of BSN and RCSEE members from our region at the InnoRail 2019 conference in Budapest, leading regional conference on transport, railway and infrastructure.

Through these activities BSN continues to actively contribute to entrance of regional companies to European markets and expansion of business network with European companies, faculties, business associations and clusters, institutions and experts.