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Belgrade, 04/12/2015

BSN Members and Friends Meet

BSN held another regular meet of members and friends, in partnership with Association of Accountants and Auditors of Serbia.

This event marked a success of the Business Support Network – in the last period this association received 28 new members, 19 companies and 9 individuals – company managers, university professors and diplomats. Thus, after first year, our business association established itself as a business club where all spheres of society important for the economy and business meet.

Gathered guests were first addressed by the host, Pero Škobić, Secretary General of the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Serbia, who talked about the analysis of the results of the Serbian economy in 2014, performed by this association, as well as on the practical problems brought by the new Law on Accounting.

After him, the floor was given to Dušan Korunoski, special advisor to the Minister of Economy, who spoke of the plans of the Ministry in the upcoming year, and gave reasons why the next year could be approached with a dose of careful optimism.

The guests talked about the passing year, the plans for the next, good and bad legislation, large global events and their local echoes, but also of the small, everyday things that rejoice us. The difference in the opinions was a fertile grounds for discussion, and friendly and informal atmosphere, as always, was an excellent foundation to make the discussion constructive and useful for all the participants. As is already a custom in the BSN.

Until the next meeting, best wishes from the BSN team!