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Founding of the Southeast Europe Railway Cluster 

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We invite all railway companies and their suppliers in the region of Southeast Europe to join in the formation of SEE Railway Cluster, and to become co-founders together with other companies from this sector.

This cluster is founded as a unique international business project of national railways and supplier companies in the Southeast Europe, and is initiated by the German and Austrian companies, members of Bavarian Railway Cluster (AEbt, AAiT, LT Bahntechnik, NoBO Erc) and by Business Support Network (BSN).

The goals of gathering railway companies and their suppliers are:

1. joint work on projects of reconstruction and modernisation of railway infrastructure
2. education and improvement of employees in the national railways and supplier companies
3. increse of safety in the regional railway transport system

These activities are supposed to raise the railway infrastructure, professional skills and competences of the employees and railway safety to the EU standards, which would enable the integration of SEE regional railways into the unique EU system. Membership in the railway cluster is also open to all railway and supplier companies, both in the EU and globally, who desire to develop business cooperation in the Southeast Europe region.

For more information, please contact