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High Collection Periods and Debt Largest Problems in the Economy

Sixth periodic analysis of Business Support Network in October and November 2017, on the sample of 424 businesses and entrepreneurs in 25 cities and municipalities in Serbia showed that there is no improvement in collection periods and that the debt of businesses is still increasing.

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Meeting of members and friends of BSN and RCSEE held in Smederevo

On September 29, in Smederevo, meeting of members and friends of regional-level business associations Business Support Network (BSN) and Railway Cluster for South-Eastern Europe (RCSEE) was held.

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150 mil EUR from Apex program for SMEs – Banks begun accepting requests for credits

Fifteen business banks in Serbia began granting affordable loans to small- and medium-sized enterprises from Apex program of European Investment bank.

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BSN Receives Acknowledgment at the Assembly of National Association “Transport and Logistics”

Business Support Network has been awarded a special acknowledgment for ongoing formal and informal cooperation with National Association (NA) “Transport and Logistics” at the recently-held annual assembly of the organization.

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BSN Research: Wages in Serbia and African Countries

Business Support Network Team, as a part of one of their research, came up with worrisome data on the comparison of average net wages in Serbia and large part of African countries.