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RCSEE and ERCI together on S-ACCESS project

Part of BSN, Railway Cluster for Southeast Europe (RCSEE), together with partners from the European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI) will conduct S-ACCESS project, aiming to strategically strengthen European small- and medium-sized enterprises for participation in non-European markets through tender procedures.

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New expenses for businesses in 2021

Even though the consequences of COVID-19 pandemics are felt deeper in the Serbian economy, and the new December rules of partially limiting the working hours and movement of people are in place, the beginning of 2021 will certainly bring further displeasure for business owners and managers.

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MIND Park – Largest Industrial Park in Southeast Europe

New member of BSN, Milanović Industries Park – MIND Park has a very favourable geographical position, and it is located 12 km from Kragujevac in the heart of Central Serbia…

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Cumulative Effects of Crisis Expected in Autumn

Based on the constant communication with its members and different surveys of several business associations from Serbia, BSN cross-analyzed the gathered data in order to create a realistic estimate of current situation in the economy.

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Useful Information for BSN Members During COVID-19 Pandemics

From the moment of pandemics of coronavirus outbreak and crisis measures taken in a number of countries both in Europe and throughout the world, everyday business activities of BSN members has seen a number of changes and is facing severe barriers.