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Business sector disagrees with the increase of price of electricity

Numerous manufacturing companies are significantly influenced with new, 20% increased, price of electric energy in supplying contracts for 2019 which are offered by EPS, Serbian electric energy supplier.

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Research on trade barriers

BSN was selected by UNECE – the Economic Commission for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe to conduct in-depth studies in 60 prominent domestic export/import companies on all commercial procedures that complicate business and imply high or completely unnecessary costs.

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Lack of employees and unpredictable business expenses main barriers for development of IT sector

In a survey conducted as a part of international “CITED” (Creating IT Environment for Development) program, managers of 66 IT companies in Serbia, predominantly micro enterprises and startups, listed 10 main business risks as a challenge for further development of their companies in in Serbia.

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Possible Reduction of Wage Tax and Contributions

After several announcements of Serbian Minister of Finance, Mr. Sinisa Mali, that the Ministry is currently working on calculations to see what is the available budget space for reduction of salary tax and contributions, BSN introduced key economic and financial organizations and the media with real levels of wage tax and contributions in the countries of Eastern and Southern Europe and Serbia.

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BSN and RCSEE members meeting held in Novatronic company, Novi Sad

“Production and placement of innovative and intelligent product on foreign markets” was the topic of RCSEE and BSN member meeting who gathered in Novi Sad to learn about the products of a member of Railway Cluster for Southeastern Europe (RCSEE), Novatronic company, that exports more and more of its products based on modern technologies (led info display) on the EU markets.