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BSN in the EU Institutions

Business Support Network (BSN) was selected as one of the civil society organizations from the Republic of Serbia to take part in the work of European Economic and Social Committee, as an Enlargement Candidate Member.

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Smart and Clean Technologies for Logistics/Mobility Industry

In partnership of Railway Cluster of Southeast Europe, National Association “Transport and Logistics”, European Association of Railway Clusters ERCI and Southeast Europe Railway Research and Innovation Network SEERRIN, on 24 of April 2024 in Belgrade will be hosted an international conference “Smart and Clean Technologies for Logistics/Mobility Industry”

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STARS Final Event

Final event of the STARS project will be held in Brussels, on September 26th 2023, in the Committee of Regions.

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Presentation of current and future projects in the Republic of Serbia

Presentation of current and planned railway projects in the Republic of Serbia was held for the members of RCSEE and partner clusters from European Railway Cluster Initiative (RCSEE), in cooperation with Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure (MCTI) and its project implementation units (PIUs).